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Reasons These Top 10 Kenyan Popular Groups On Facebook Were Deleted

Having an active Facebook group with a large number of followers does not only give one a chance to exercise his or her leadership skills, but also a sense of pride.

Long before, that was a good satisfaction for most Kenyan admins who own Facebook groups with large followers.

With huge bills to pay in modern world, these admins eventually turned these avenues into business ventures and are no doubt earning good perks from personal advertisers in the group.

However, there is a catch. Facebook terms and conditions.

Despite the terms being free of charge, they are long and tedious to read and understand, however the biggest price group admins pay for violation of their terms is ultimate.

With a group made up of more than 400K members, admins could make as much as 100K on monthly basis from advertisement deals

So far, we look at some of the groups that have been deleted on Facebook and the reasons why they were deleted.

1.Group Kenya -2.2M

This was the largest group in Kenya, with more than 2.2 million followers.

It was the first casualty to be shown the door off Facebook.

Group Kenya might have violated several Facebook terms and conditions because the group was on few occasions suspended and later on deleted completely.

One of the key reason, would be hate speech and incitement, since the group was predominantly taken over during the 2017 elections by a section of the digital politicians

2.Kenyan Memes – 400K

After Group Kenya was permanently deleted, Kenyan Memes suddenly changed to Group Kenya. Why, maybe it was bought by a digital political influencer and hence meant to serve political purpose.

Nonetheless, it was deleted for the same reason as the former parent, hate speech and incitement

Kenyan memes had over 400K members

Kenya Political Forum – 1M

This group had more than one million members.

Admins had been given warnings from Facebook, but later on it was permanently deleted from Facebook over hate-speech

Kenya Laugh Industry – 1M

This group seems to have been made redundant due to jealously and personally fights from the admins

This group surgically disappeared from online.

It had atleast 1 million members

Kilimani Mums and Dads uncensored – 930K

With members of atleast 930K, this group stopped being online due to nude and pornographic content.

Why, most leaked sex taped could be allowed to be aired by approval of admins.

Facebook does not allow porn content on its platform

Girls Club Kenya – 387K

About 387K members are waiting for appeal from Facebook.

Girls club had been suspended and reason could revolve around jealousy

Parenting Group – 295K

Again, it is reported that among the 295K members of the group, a few of them went on jealously mission and reported the group on claims that it violated the terms of the platform

Trending Memes – 270K

This group was deleted on context of X-rated content

Kilimani Old School – 100K

This group could have been deleted if Facebook suspected that the Admins of suspected other similar group name were behind it


As the group name suggests, Facebook might have dealt a blow due to its bad intention and exposing minors to drug addiction

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