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7 Civilian Privileges Men In Uniform Cannot Enjoy In Kenya

Becoming a police officer or a military servant in Kenya does not only come with hardened recruitment process, but also denial to some of the precious privileges civilians would enjoy.

These don’t however may look uncomfortable for the men and women in the uniform, are meant for the well being of Kenya’s servants

Below are some of the key don’t police and military officers have been prohibited from undertaking.

Dress code

Inspector General of police IG Hillary Mutyambia warned police officers to observe their dress code to a particular act that prohibited them from mixing civilian clothes with their uniform.

 The dress code violated the regulations provided under Chapter 31 of the Service Standing Orders(SSO).

“Police uniforms should not be worn with any visible article of civilian clothing, articles or anything that is not police uniform. Mixing of uniform will not be allowed,” Mutyambai said in the letter.

Make up and fashion

Female police officers are allowed to have hairstyles that do not exceed the collar of their blouses.  

Besides, they are also not supposed to wear discreet make-up and only use clear nail polish.

Social media

Police are banned from expressing their views and grievances on social media, they were also prohibited from posting photos of them dancing or misbehaving on social media


Without the approval of the IG, a police officer isn’t allowed to take part in testimonials or adverts


Members of the Defence Forces and Police Officers are prohibited from having any form of tattoos as they are considered to be carriers of other diseases yet the job requires one to be fit. In addition, officers with tattoos are assumed not to be fit for official duties.

Dental formulae

Officers are supposed to have full dental formulae as it is considered part of the survival tactic when they are on duty.


Interior Minister Fred Matiangi prohibited marriage between police officers in 2021. They were also not allowed to have intimate relationship among themselves .

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