7 Effective Habits To Gain More Twitter Followers

A study by students of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Michigan, both in the United States, points out several ways to gain more followers on Twitter.

This is the first study to examine the factors related to greater interactivity in this social network. This study was done with 507 users for 15 months.

Here’s how to increase your Twitter page:

1 – Avoid negative feelings

It is no surprise to anyone that negative people do not attract many companies. If you care about getting more followers, try to post funny and interesting phrases on Twitter. The study proved that constant negativity was the biggest reason for low growth of followers.

2 – Inform, not “euforme”

“Euforme” implies talking about yourself all the time, while informing means passing on information, links and retweets. According to the study, informants have a 30 times higher rate of followers than “euformers”.

3 – Gain confidence in the social space

In addition to producing informative tweets, you should post things that are worth retweeting, as this is a way to prove to other users that your page is worth following. There are no tips in the study about what makes a tweet worth retweeting, but one way to gain confidence is to complete your profile description – put your name, email, the city where you live and a description about yourself.

4 – Don’t run away from the subject

Most Twitter users talk about several things, but this is not always the way to get more followers. Users are looking for people who are interested in the same things as them, so it is often preferable that their subjects are carefully selected rather than random.

5 – Write well and avoid excessive use of hashtags

It is one thing to use the hashtag so that your tweet is easily found by a certain word or subject. Another is to use it for #tudo #o #que #descreve. Another fairly common mistake is incorrect Portuguese. The language of the internet like “pq” and “td bem?” reveal no problems, but spelling errors are not likely to make sharing appealing.

6 – Be active

There is no problem with being active, that is, posting about 10 messages per hour. Being available on the social network attracts more followers.

7 – Send direct messages to private people

Talking about a direct topic attracts more followers than messages that are aimed at any audience. As has already been said, people tend to follow those who have the same tastes and who talk about the same things.

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