7 Errors That You Should Always Avoid In The Office

To maintain a healthy coexistence at work and make the office a healthy and harmonious area, you should avoid some activities that you may have been accustomed to doing in your free time, but that during work hours you

So pay close attention to these mistakes you should not make:

  1. Wear Sportswear

As fashion designers say, sportswear is for the gym, avoid wearing these outfits in your work, as they will give you an informal and unprofessional appearance.

  1. Music with high volume

We all enjoy listening to our favorite group or singer, however you should avoid putting the music on the speakers and with very loud volume, as well as lack of respect for your classmates, you can distract them and make them uncomfortable. The most advisable thing is that you wear headphones.

  1. Personal calls

Definitely there are times when emergencies can arise and you need to make personal phone calls, the most prudent thing is that you make them in an isolated place with your cell phone and do not occupy the lines of the office, also moderate your voice volume, since it does not everyone should know what is happening.

  1. Extra-work activities

Like personal calls, carrying out personal projects or attending to commitments that have nothing to do with your work, they are a misplaced practice. You have been hired to carry out specific tasks, so your earrings leave them for later in the comfort of your home.

  1. Do not take yourself!

The companionship and healthy coexistence within the office is fundamental to please teamwork, but put limits on your relationships. Do not bother others just for wanting to be funny or get attention.

  1. Use of rudeness

The personal image protocols, please, if you do not know how to use it, you can never know if it is possible to take a bad impression of you and the company. Moderate your vocabulary and leave those kinds of words to share with trusted people.

  1. Emotional attacks

However fatal your day controls your emotions, do not break into tears or explode aggressively, because these are signs of unstable people. If you feel bad, get up from your place and try to relax without others noticing what you are going through at that moment.

Remember that the office belongs to everyone and that is why with your actions you will make the work flow with simplicity and tranquility.

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