8 Most Dirty Office Equipment

Every day we touch countless objects that contain many bacteria, responsible for detonating an infinity of diseases

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However, in your work area there are office objects that are more polluted than a gas pump or the wallet itself.

In information published in the Huffpost Voices it is emphasized that the desk represents one of the most propitious surfaces to contract an infection, because it is full of animals, molds, yeasts, bacteria and plant cells.

In a study conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional and the University of Arizona, where the levels of adenosine trisphosphate (substance found in bacteria) were measured, it is highlighted that the rest rooms and office equipment are the most contaminated objects.

To give you an idea, here are some examples:

1.Common sources of water:

The buttons of the water sources that workers use to hydrate during the day, are contaminated by 23%.

2.Microwave doors:

This office equipment is used by thousands of employees to heat their breakfasts and lunches so they are contaminated by 48%.

3.Computer mouse:

Half of these office equipment has 100% dirt. It contains three times more bacteria than an average toilet seat.

5.Refrigerator door:

This object registers high levels of contamination, so avoid using it as little as possible.

6.Food vending machines:

Most workers have ever used this device to satisfy a craving; However, the buttons on the machine are contaminated with 21% bacterial dirt.

7.Computer keyboard:

This tool is one of those harbors more dirt, with 27% of adenosine trisphosphate.


This office equipment is one of the dirtiest objects in your office. Do not hesitate to clean it daily.

9.Water tap:

Although it is used to wash our hands, ironically this surface is one of the dirtiest to obtain 75% of bacteria.

With these data it is shown that bacterial contamination is found in all the office equipment, which can easily impact the health of people.

No one can avoid it altogether, but when cleaning, employees can reduce their chances of acquiring a cold or stomach condition by 80%.

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