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7 Foods You Should Eat During Menstruation

Almost all women experience the same thing every month. Those days when you feel that your head is going to explode, your stomach is upset and sometimes you do not know if you feel like crying, screaming or laughing.

What to do is to eat more healthily when what you most want is to eat ice cream and chips

Incorporate these foods the next time you have your period!

1.Foods rich in iron

During these days of menstrual bleeding, your body is losing iron.

The loss of iron can cause fatigue. This is why it is important that during menstruation you eat foods rich in iron, such as: sources of animal iron, such as red and poultry meats, and vegetable iron sources, such as spinach, red beans or oats.

2.Fruits and vegetables rich in water

The sensation of swelling that many women experience during menstruation is quite common.

Although it may seem strange, the best way to combat fluid retention is to stay hydrated.

In addition to water, fruits and vegetables are rich in water: watermelon, celery, cucumbers, kiwis and peppers can help you fight swelling.

3.Whole grains

As you probably feel more tired than usual, it is important that you feed properly.

Opt for whole grains, which have a lot of fiber and protein to keep you satiated, as they provide long-lasting energy.

4.Dairy products

Increase dairy consumption during this time of the month.

Foods rich in calcium help relieve irritability related to premenstrual syndrome.

Calcium not only helps improve mood, the proteins in dairy products have satiating effect.

5.Healthy fats

The week before menstruation, hormone levels are out of control. It is what is known as premenstrual syndrome, and you can go through mood swings.

Incorporating “good fats” into your diet can help stabilize mood swings.

Opt for foods like salmon, avocado and nuts. Did you know that avocados have an additional advantage? They contain magnesium, which helps relieve headaches.

6.Root vegetables

Hormonal changes that occur during menstruation can cause cramping and other uncomfortable symptoms, but vitamin A helps the liver process hormones.

We can find vitamin A in root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots and beets.


Many women yearn to eat chocolate during this time of the month.

You do not have to avoid it, but perhaps better to eat more “healthy” options. Buy dark chocolate and eat an ounce every day while you’re in your period.

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