7 Great Benefits Of Baking Soda You Will Love

There are many cosmetic treatments for different problems on your skin and how expensive they can be, especially when you have to purchase one for each type depending on the problem that occurs, here we will talk about one in specific that will help you with multiple inconveniences Have you ever wondered what the many uses and benefits of baking soda really are?

This wonderful and common compound is ideal to improve your health, dishes, environment and believe it or not BEAUTY! Yes, you read correctly, this “insignificant” white powder has been considered by scientists as a proposal to the formula of drugs and treatments for numerous diseases, as well as a recipe for various cosmetic treatments.

Without so much prologue we will present here the 7 benefits of baking soda, surely you will not take long to use any.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda for 5 of water (extract the proportion according to the length of your hair) and use it every time you wash your hair. It is possible that the first few days you feel greasy, however, this will gradually disappear as your hair recovers its natural fat, which unfortunately is removed by commercial shampoo.

Now leave those expensive products for the face and try this perfect and effective recipe that you have at hand. Make a mixture of three parts of baking soda with one of water and apply it to any part of your body giving a light massage, then rinse with warm water and spread with moisturizer. You will be amazed at the magnificent results.

Do not allow these common deodorants that contain chemical elements to harm your skin, use a home remedy to prevent perspiration. Whether you place it directly in your armpits or through a baking soda water solution, just a little of it is enough to forget all the worries during the day.

Bad odor remover

Enough of those bad odors on your feet, try this powerful white powder that is perfect for neutralizing those undesirable odors on your feet, just use it directly on your shoes and voila.

White teeth

For you to have a beautiful and perfect smile, what you have to do is a simple mixture of baking soda, water and salt, the same with which you must brush your teeth. In a few days, you will start enjoying the results. You don’t want to stop smiling.

Cloths bleaching agent

If you want your clothes to look like new, here is the best bleach and softener in one product and no, it is not expensive at all.

Softening clothes

Make a vinegar mixture with water and gradually add the baking soda so that the foam does not come out expanded. Aside from whitening your clothes, it will leave you feeling so soft that you will even want to sleep hugging her.

Skin relief

If after arriving from the beach you realize that the eleven br passed you a little, do not worry, try this best antidote, give yourself a relaxing and motivating water bath with bicarbonate, but when you finish try to dry naturally, as if you use a towel, you would be eliminating the compound that remains on your skin, which is in charge of providing you with the sensation of relief.

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