7 Incredible Cars Steve Mbogo Owns

Steve Mbogo first came to popular publicity in 2017 when he vied for Starehe MP seat but lost it to musician Jaguar aka Charles Kanyi Njagua.

But before that, Steve Mobo was popular but not famous.

Here are some little known facts about Mbogo

  1. Mbogo says that he made his first million at the age of 18 years old while working as a scrap dealer
  2. At 22 years old, he was driving an AMG Mercedes Benz S class
  3. Once upon a time, Mbogo caused an online frenzy when he claimed to have spent Sh40 million in a single weekend watching Formula One in Dubai.
  4. He is a graduate of Business Administration degree from Cairo University School of Business and Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Australia
  5. Mbogo states that his main business is invested in an aviation company with 16 planes which he owns.
  6. He also do commodities trading as well as investing in real estate.
  7. Mbogo also has ventured in two mining concessions in Kenya, one in DRC and another in Tanzania
  8. Even though he likes partying, Mbogo doesn’t drink but enjoys puffing Shisha
  9. In 2016, Mbogo says that he bought a deluxe house in Karen worth Ksh.500 million that sits on a 5 acre piece of land
  10. Mbogo says that he spent 30 million shillings on a house gift he bought for one of his girlfriends for a birthday. He also owns  Louis Vuitton. shoes worth $2,000 (Sh200, 000)
  11. (large scale gold selling and buying website) states that Mbogo is a gold scammer, who cons foreigners, while enjoying protection from powerful authorities.
  12. H Lee, a businessman from Asian told Zengold that Mbogo conned him Sh.100 million in a gold deal, allegations that Mbogo refutes
  13. In 10 years he has been in business, Mbogo says that he is worth 1 billion Kenyan shillings
  14. Mbogo is a married man with two cute girls

Mbogo’s Car collection

Rolls Royce Phantom

Toyota Land Cruiser


Mercedes Benz

Range Rover



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