7 Kenyan Celeb Couples Who Came To The Brink Of Breaking Up In 2020

Kenyan celeb marriages in 2020 are facing a huge turmoil or turbulence over relationship issues.

With allegations that they are living a fake life on social media platform, Kenyan celeb couples have had a taste of their on medicine on social media.

Below is a list of Kenyan celebs who are on the brink of breaking up

1.Size 8 and DJ MO

As it emerges, DJ MO has been cheating in their love relationship and Size 8 is no longer holding the marriage break option back.

And a lady socialite by Margret on Instagram, claims through Edgar Obare, a blogger, that she had affair with DJ MO.

She even adds that DJ MO has been cheating with several other girls.

2.Anerlisa Mungai and Ben Pol

Anerlisa posted a strong post in Instagram that she was ready to quit their love relationship.

This is after Ben Pol went on social media rant to talk about his issues with Anerlisa.

According to Anerlisa, she was ready to call it quit.

3.Jalang’o and Amina Chao

Few weeks ago, Felix Odiwour was faced with huge allegations that he was among a syndicate of boys preying on poor girls looking to make ends meet from rich men in town.

Jalas marriage with Amina Chao went to rocks and it took him strong interventions to salvage his love life with newly wed Amina Chao.

Edgar Obare, same culprit went ahead to claim the preying men using screenshots from one of the victims.

4.Diana Marua and Bahati

Edgar Obare’s allegations on Jalas went ahead to include Diana Marua in his crossfire.

Where it was believed that Diana Marua was also a call girl of the boys club that would date and dump vulnerable girls as soon as they had munched them.

5.Joho and Natalie Tewa

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s marriage almost went to an ICU bed when Edgar Obare claimed that Joho and Natalie were out in Dubai on a fucking mission.

Allegations that Joho ingeniously responded to them through court summons disguised as Natalie Tewa.

6.Akothee and Nelly Oaks

When Akothee fell in love with her new catch, Nelly Oaks, the two could not easily get their hands off each other easily.

Their new found romance was well shown on social media, and could not hide anything from the fans.

But then suddenly, things went silent between the two.

And Akothee was quick to salvage the spoils, by claiming that Nelly had moved on to follow his education.

7.Alex Mwakideu

It turns out that radio host Alex Mwakideu was also thrown under the marriage cheating bus, and he managed to skillful save his marriage.

Mwakideu was accused by the same vlogger Edgar Obare that he was cheating on his wife by being a member of fuck boys club preying easy girls looking to make money quick

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