7 Kenyan Celebs Who Have Adopted Kids

Adopting a kid take one to have a heartless heart but not money.

Accepting to save a child who cannot afford hope and happy life is the greatest show of humanity we can experience here on earth.

Today we feature some of the Kenya’s most selfless celebs who adopted destitute kids and transformed them into successful men and women.

1.Mike Sonko – Gift and Satrine Osinya

Back in 2014 Moses Gift Osinya and his younger brother Satrine Osinya were adopted by the Gideon Mbuvi Sonko in 2014 after surviving a terror attack by Al Shaabab militia group that left their mother dead and a bullet lodged in Satrine’s head.

Then Gift was just 13 years old and his younger brother was just 2 years old during the terror attack.

The unfortunate baby spent a couple of days in ICT as doctors tried to save his life by removing bullet lodged in his head.

Today, Baby Osinya at the age of eight years is a proud owner of a sh.5 million convertible and his elder brother Gift owns another sleek convertible car.


Having been adopted at a tender age, Bahati also decided to thank the Good Samaritan by return the hand and adopted kids

Love him or hate him, Bahati has three adopted kids.

At the age of just about 25 years old, Bahati is a dad to three adopted kids and three biological kids

He is such a big inspiration and admiration to all is not many

“My two adopted daughters and son. From Left; Morgan 4 yrs, Purity 4 yrs and Rose 10 yrs Old… These are the beautiful souls that make me wake up and hustle each day…. Each one of them has a sad story than mine. I may not give them all they want, but my desire is to see them prosper and testify to the world about God’s goodness someday. It’s never easy but I try to be the best parent they have ever seen,” he said.

3.Uhuru Kenyatta

In 2013, when President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power, he was stunned by Daniel Owira, who then presented to him a very powerful spoken poetry dubbed Otonglo.

The boy grew famous, and President Uhuru could not resist taking him as part of the first family.

Daniel Owira has spent more than 7 years in Kenya’s state house.

4.Caroline Mutuko

Theodora Nduku was adopted at a very tender age in 2011 by former TV and radio host Caroline Mutoko

Then, Nduku was just 8 months old and suddenly her life changed when she got such a loving and caring mum.


Unlike the rest who adopted kids, Akothee decided to adopt a disabled man who was living in poor health standards.

Then he transformed him to an extended of taking away his wheelchair and replacing it with a prosthetic limp

6.Victor Wanyama

Through the Victor Wanyama Foundation, Kenya’s most successful footballer Victor Wanyama adopted six school kids and promised to finance their education upto their highest level possible.

Victor Wanyama also promised to adopt more disadvantaged kids though his charitable foundation

7.Shaffie Weru

Shaffie Weru has four kids. Two adopted and two of his own.

He revealed that he adopted a girl and a boy and he will live with them until they are able to support their own life

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