7 Kenyan Vehicles With Funny Number Plates

Before 1990, Kenyan vehicles were registered with plates using a unique number, you only had to ensure the first character was K.

But since then, Kenya has been following the current order, which saw the first plate begin as from KAA 001A.

Amazingly this car is still running on our roads 28 years later.

Besides, Kenya also adopted a system of customized number plates, but at a fee of 1 million shillings. This means that one can alter the number system with his or her preference subject to approval.

Below are some of the funny plates


This was a hired car mean to entice Diamond ex wife Zari Hassan to fall in love with Kenyan musician Ringtone.

Apparently Zari was not looking for a man with a car!

This car has two plates, confusing other road users

Otieno Owen wanted to register his name as part of car manufacture

Ugandan car using a cutout carton as car plate with its number

Police car with reflected image!

David Rudisha, athlete with a place reading in English ‘Return’

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