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7 Most Beautiful Ways In A Couple To Say ‘I Love You’

We are the first to demand those ‘I love you’ every day for the smooth running of a relationship, but we do not settle, we want more.

Because love does not just have to be proclaimed, it must also be demonstrated day by day.

And because we have discovered that there are more beautiful things than saying ‘I love you’ and that they show love better.

Other ways to show ‘I love you’

We are not trying to banish the magic words within a relationship. Saying ‘I love you’ is still one of the most important habits for a happy couple, but those words do not just have to be said, they also have to be demonstrated.

1 A hug.

A hug without words can say more things than a whole collection of love poems. A hug from the heart of those in which you are perfectly noticing the love of the other person.

2 One call.

A call throughout the day, that day you have bad or that day you have good, a simple call to ask how are you or Whatsapp telling you that you miss.

3 A surprise.

You do not have to use the money to surprise your partner. That it is going to look for you to the work or that it has ready for when you arrive to dinner thought for the two, with candles but without excesses.

That a pizza is enough if it is ordered with love.

4 A conversation.

One of the main enemies of the couple is the lack of communication. A conversation about how important the other person is, what you admire about her, what makes you happy with her, has more effect than any romantic and film display.

5 A caress.

A supportive caress in a difficult situation demonstrates all the complicity that exists in the couple. Those social situations that make you nervous and in which you have a subtle caress from your partner to relief tension.

6 A wink.

A joke that only you understand, a shared laugh, a wink to let you know that among these people are thinking about you or a dedicated smile that isolates you for a second from the rest of the world shows that you are a happy couple more than any ‘I love you’.

7 One look.

Of desire. One of those looks of your partner when you are with friends or with the family who tell you without saying that the passion between you is not in danger of dying out.



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