7 Never Seen Before Photos Of Simba Arati’s Asian Wife

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati’s Chinese left Kenyans on Twitter in a deep frenzy after she addressed the MPs supporters in fluent Gusii language.

A video seen by the YVK writer, shows the Asian born wife addressing a crowd on January 17th, using MP Simba Arati’s native mother tongue Gusii at a rally in Bobasi at Nyamache stadium.

She introduced herself as ‘Kwamboka Arati’ and asked supporters to vote for her husband who is vying for a gubernatorial position

“Our people are you okay? My name is Kwamboka, the wife to Simba Arati. Thank you for coming. Please elect my husband as your governor in August,” she says in Ekegusii. Simba Arati has been MP for Dagoretti North in 10 years, wants to be Kisii governor..


Apart from introducing her in 2018, during an event in Kisii, very little is known about the Asian wife.

However, MP Arati noted that he met his Asiatic wife while undertaking a degree in Business Management at Guangzhou University in Guangdong province, China where he Arati graduated in 2006.

I married from Asia but these are private family matters. Whether my wife is from Thailand, China, Europe or wherever it has not affected my ability to lead and deliver for the people. Obama’s father was a Kenyan and that did not stop him from being the US President – he said

Night out with their baby

Campaign moments

Launching his 2022 political interests to become Kisii governor

Speaking to a crowd

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