7 Photo Editors To Retouch Your Holiday Photos Before Uploading Them To Social Media

These are the best applications and photo editors to retouch the photographs before uploading them to social networks that you can download.

These are applications for the PC, mobile or tablet, and online tools, which will make your photos look better than ever.

Holidays are around the corner, and that means that with the “ good weather ” (if we consider suffocating heat as good weather) we want to go out to take pictures. Any recent mobile, regardless of the range to which it belongs, is capable of taking quality photographs, and there are times when a push with an app can make them shine on social networks.

Take pictures with the camera or mobile, a good program to retouch photos never left, and after telling you what are the best alternatives to Photoshop online that you can use, we go with a series of applications and photo editors to retouch the photographs before Upload them to social networks.

It is a set of online applications, desktop and, above all, apps for mobile or tablet that will make your photographs up a couple of steps in terms of quality. There are many, many, but these are, for us, the best photo editors to retouch photographs this summer.


We started with the best applications to retouch photos this summer talking about precisely one of the apps to which we will upload more content. Instagram is not only the social network of happiness, but also a photo editor quite “ busy ” to retouch our summer photographs.

In addition to the well-known Instagram filters, we can access an editing environment in which we have several retouching parameters that allow us to change different elements of photography, such as brightness, exposure, framing, saturation, contrast or sharpness.

It also allows us to select a focus point to blur everything else, but, why not say it, it is a somewhat shabby effect that you have to do without. For the rest, Instagram itself is a good tool for retouching photos, and since retouched photos are saved in the gallery, we can upload them to other networks.


If you are on a PC and do not want to lend a hand to your mobile, either because you do not have it at hand or simply because you want to see the image you are editing, you have Fotor.

It is a completely online application that allows us to change various image parameters, such as color, curve, contrast, etc., but also offers us the possibility of adding text and an HDR result.

It is not the most powerful on the list, but if you want something basic and a free photo editing app on the PC, Fotor is one of the best options.


Snapseed is one of the best applications to edit photos before uploading them to networks. It has almost one million positive votes on Google Play and is one of those chosen by the publishers.

It is available for both Android and iOS, and has everything you need to give a different look to our photos. It is one of the best tools because it suits both our tastes and our “ interest ” to leave a perfect photo.

That is, if you do not want to invest a lot of time, we have a series of quick adjustments to leave the photo as striking as possible in the face of social networks.

 However, if you want to invest some more time, there is the possibility of retouching almost any parameter of the photograph.

As we say, it is one of the best retouching applications both for its options and for the guarantee of being from Google and, in addition, because the gesture-based user interface is the most comfortable and least confusing for the user.


This is paid, but worth every penny. Pixelmator Photo is one of the best photo editors to retouch your summer photographs before uploading them to networks that you can install on iOS, especially on the iPad.

It has a fairly clean interface that allows us to see, at all times, the large retouched image and, in addition, enough options to make our photos shine before being shared.

It is a very powerful app, complete, with a very clean interface and, as we say, the best options to edit photos on the iPad. In addition, it supports RAW files and its smart editor is wonderful.


For both PCs and Macs, iOS and Android, Lightroom is one of the best photo editors to retouch your summer photos before uploading them to networks. It is one of the most used applications to edit photographs, and its HDR is magical.

On PC and macOS we need a subscription, but Lightroom for Android and iOS is free and, as we say, you have the right options to get our photos ready before uploading them to networks.


Canva is another of the best applications to edit photos this summer. It has an Android application, but the web app is more than enough for semi-professional image editing.

There are advanced parameters that we can create and adjust, but it is best that its interface is very simple (finally, it is not a Photoshop clone) and has enough tools at our fingertips.

We can register with the Google account and it is fully integrated with Dropbox, so it is very simple to have a disk in the cloud and work with Canva, which allows us to work with our images no matter where we are (provided we have Internet , of course).

Photoshop Express

And we end up with the best photo editor to retouch before uploading to social networks. It is clear that, if you have some expertise, Photoshop is an excellent application to edit photos on a Mac or PC, but for mobile we have an alternative

Adobe Photoshop Express is an editor for Android and iOS that has lots of free options for retouching photographs. The most important thing is that we have a clipping editor with the format of networks such as Instagram (both the posts and the stories), and also many filters and a detail editor for the photographs.

There is a big difference between an original photograph and the one that goes through the Adobe Photoshop Express filter and, without a doubt, it is the best photo editor for this summer. The good thing is that most of this list are free on PC and mobile, so you can try the one you want to see if it suits your tastes.

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