7 Phrases To Hit A Man Who Does Not Want To Use A Condom

It has happened to all of us. We are in full action, ready to have a good time, but they leave us with a tremendous excuse that cuts us off from the moment of fun.

“I’m allergic to latex”, “I can not do it with the condom”, “I do not finish if I use it” … and a thousand more pretexts to avoid putting it on.

Men, it’s super annoying and uncomfortable to have to insist on something as basic as using a condom.

How to deal with them when they do this? If you have been in this situation at some time, these phrases will be not only known and fun, but perhaps also useful in the future.

  1. Two things

“With me you come with one of two things for me, or you do not eat: a condom or a diamond ring.”

  1. Simple and simple

“Ok, then I will not have sex with you.”

  1. Farewell

“Get out of my bed!”

  1. After talking about the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection

“You’re an idiot and you deserve a sexually transmitted infection”

  1. disbelief

“Frankly, I can not believe you think that’s acceptable.”

  1. Zero party

“No balloon, no party”

  1. Effective warning to scare them
  2. “I have AIDS”

This will probably continue to happen, but at least you will have phrases to hit them that will make you smile.

What excuses have they given you and with what phrases do you hit them?

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