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7 Reasons Why That Not All Men Are Equal

For some reason that we cannot understand, some of women always end up choosing the most toxic or difficult man in the place. And when women are about to lose confidence in the male gender, they come across stories or experiences that tell them otherwise, that is not all men are equal.

Reasons why some men are worth it

1 Some men listen. Some men are able to listen to their partner, to pay attention to what they say, to take it into account and even discuss the subject if the matter requires it.

2 Some men work. We refer to the relationship. There are men who are willing to pull the car or work the relationship to the same extent as their partner. They worry about keeping love, the spark and do not allow the routine to enter to live with them.

3 Some men have feelings. Not all men are stone-hearted beings incapable of comforting their partner or needing consolation. There are intense men and also sensitive men who feel and suffer, who need to be embraced in bad times and who also correspond to you when you need it.

4 Some men know empathy. If there is something that holds the couple together or any kind of relationship is empathy. To put oneself in the place of the other, to try to understand the different point of view and to support the other is something that cannot be done, but there are some.

5 Some men believe in equality. You may not have met any of them, but they do not mean that there are no men who try to escape the male ideology they have acquired and they are looking for a couple of equals, of traveling companions in whom there are no predetermined roles

6 Some men believe in love. There are so many love skeptics that it seems that men are only interested in sex. But it’s not like that. There are men who believe in love, who believe in the couple, who are not afraid of falling in love and accept their feelings without problems.

7 Some men talk. For a couple to work, communication is essential and for good communication, not only do you have to know how to listen, you also have to know how to talk. They tell women that some men prefer to talk and discuss couple problems rather than hiding them under the rug.



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