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7 Signs That You Have Just Had Sex

Your colleagues in the office will ask you what happened last night and you who is very discreet will not give details, but it is not necessary because you notice everything.

You can tell that last night you had a hot hot encounter that you’re still enjoying. These are the signs that you have had sex because your partners are not fortune tellers, it is reflected in your face!

Signs that you have had sex

The smile is not taken away from you by anyone, even if you have slept fewer hours. Does it sound? We talked about those nights of memorable sex, good sex, not sex of inertia. We talk about those sexual encounters that make you touch the sky and that’s why you notice a lot.

Have you noticed how it hurts you less early today, it costs you less to go to work and you even get up with an unstoppable energy? Even though your whole body hurts, really. Without the need for brands of excessive passion, you must know that everyone will know that you enjoyed last night, because you notice it and a lot.

  1. Radiant. It shows because you are radiant. The (good) sex produces a series of changes in the body that make you feel happier and that your degree of life satisfaction increases considerably. Let’s see if the secret of happiness is going to be hidden between the sheets and we did not realize it?
  2. Relaxed muscles, not during sex, but afterwards, especially if you have one of those historical orgasms. Less muscle tension and less stress is the result of a passionate night.
  3. Goodbye to blusher. If you had a very hot sexual encounter last night, surely when you put on makeup in the morning you will realize that you will not need blusher. The slightly rosy face is because, with relationships, the flow of blood increases throughout your body.
  4. Attractive. You will also notice that your attractiveness increases and that will be attracted to you (yes, just now that you do not need it). This is because during sex those pheromones that inevitably attract are released.
  5. Look. That you notice in the look, will sing some of your co-workers. And not just because you’re in love, not necessarily, but because you’ve had a night of sex that you have not yet been able to forget. That brightness in the eyes is not by the early morning.
  6. Lips If you were looking for the secret for more voluminous and sexy lips, here you have it, without having to go through the operating room. The fact that you kissed with your bedmate as if it were the last time, leaves the lips swollen, why are we going to cheat! And you’re biting your lips every time you remember the hottest scenes, it also does its job.
  7. Lack of concentration. But not all are joys after a night of sex. That clue you wear today is the product of the few hours of sleep and the scenes that assail you every 30 seconds. Are you working or are you watching an adult movie in your mind? Come, focus.



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