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7 Things That Motivate People More Than Money

What motivates us to work? Something more than money

“When we think about how people work, the first thing we imagine is that people are like lab rats,” says behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

“We really have this simplistic view of why people work. On the other hand, when you look closely at the way people have to work full time, there is much more at stake than money.”

The research confirms that there are many more factors that condition our motivation at work. Specifically these:

1. Seeing the fruits of our work can make us more productive

2. The less we appreciate our work, the more money we want to make

3. The greater the difficulty, the greater pride

4. Knowing that our work helps others increase our unconscious motivation

5. Images that convey positive emotions help us to concentrate

6. Positive reinforcement in our skills improves performance

7. The promise to help others makes us more likely to follow the rules

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