7 Tips To Improve Confidence In Yourself

Does it happen to you sometimes that if you face a difficult situation you get stuck, without words and wanting to run away?

Do you feel that you are insecure or that you need to be unwrapped when relating to others?

One of the most important skills you have to develop for your life is confidence in yourself. Safer people are very convincing and usually know what they want in all areas of life: study, work and even love.

The security in yourself shows you as a person who knows what you want, reliable and solid in your life.

In addition, it places in the panorama of other people, who can be excellent contacts or can think of you for future opportunities.


If your great dilemma is insecurity, these seven tips will allow you to gradually master the art of being confident in your own shoes.

2.Practice assertive communication.

Assertive communication is the ability we have to say what we think, directly but without offending other people.

It is very common that we prefer to shut up or avoid a situation because we are facing another person if we differ from it.

In assertive communication, you make your points of view and opinions, but without aggression or violence. The secret of assertiveness is to be direct and positive.

3.Take care of your physical appearance and your personal image.

Has it happened to you that you buy a piece of clothing and that day you wear it you feel gorgeous or beautiful? You’re walking down the street with that certainty, just like in a Hollywood movie. Maybe nobody really noticed that these clothes are new, but using them for the first time makes you feel magnificent.

When you take care of your appearance: the cleanliness of your body, your smell, your oral hygiene, the clothes you wear, you usually feel safer to interact with others. I left the house feeling very good with your look!

4.Be neat.

We know sometimes it is difficult to have order among so many occupations, classes, roles and tasks that have to be done, but if you manage to have a certain personal order, we are sure that you will present yourself properly when necessary .

Being punctual is a great gift we give to others. Having things prepared in advance is also.

5.Be positive and cultivate optimism.

Do you have a cloud above your head wherever you go? Negative attitudes not only scare away other people, but they bring you to bad environment in your daily actions.

The reactions we have to situations in life are totally transformable, because they depend on how we assume what happens.

If you have an unexpected and take it positively, it is very likely that things flow better, that if you consider from now (from eight in the morning that you left the bus or you went and you forgot the phone) your day is ruined

6.Be good at what you do.

For some reason, in our society it is well seen that people suffer at work, that they make an effort and that they accept what they had to live.

Sometimes we masochistically stay in a place because we are touched because we want to achieve what is so difficult for us.

Do not misunderstand us, it is definitely good to make an effort, but being in the place where we are full, happy and useful will always be a high blow to our self-esteem.

7.Put objectives and comply.

The achievement of goals activates in our brain the same hormones as chocolate.

Really! Just do not increase calories. Achieving a goal that was difficult for you, increases your security and, above all, your sense of well-being. The objectives can be small and achievable, so you can see results.

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