7 Topics You Must Avoid In The Workplace

The quick answer is because, eventually, you can be fired for just cause, and also the whole nasty gray scale in between.

At the time it seems appropriate and socially appropriate to launch a particular comment.

However, after a few moments, we often question its relevance and even if we miss a good opportunity to remain silent.

On the other hand, we live in a society in which social interactions are not only part of our daily lives but, through communication, constitute the foundations for the evolution of the human species.

Once out of the office, feel free to loosen the reins a little. At the workplace, it is important to be aware and alert to the rules of etiquette that must be observed in professional interactions. When in doubt, as a general rule: try to reserve your potentially controversial thoughts just for yourself.

Politics and Religion

Try to avoid these two issues at all costs while you are at work. Of course, if you are unable to attend a particular occasion or consume a particular product kindly offered by a colleague, in principle it will be okay to say something like “I don’t consume” X “thanks, I am” Y “” (if you consider provide an explanation). Nevertheless, make an effort so that your comments from the religious forum remain in this type of brief interventions, in a light register, and of an informative nature.

Rumors and intrigues

Don’t be your version of a “billiard (from the French, billarder which means ‘talk a lot’ or ‘talk’) coffee machine” – even if it means fighting your biology. As TIME magazine reports, Evolutionary Psychologist Robin Dunbar likens the art of gossiping to the behavior of primates in caring for each other’s hair as a way of establishing social ties. Instead of catching fleas and soil in community, we talk – since gossip is essentially a way of transmitting social information.

However, as productive for society as this behavior may be, try to stay away from taking part in rumors and intrigues while inside the office. It is an attitude that sooner or later will end up leaving you frowned upon in the workplace.

Your hitches

Believe me: absolutely no one with a realistic sense of decorum standards that must be taken into account in the workplace will be remotely interested in how well the weekend went. The conversation can very easily fall into an uncomfortable area, and this in case you are not condemned right away (not to mention that, in the end, you can even be accused of harassment at work).

Future career prospects outside the company

The walls have ears. Don’t be surprised if the information you shared with a colleague in a confidential tone – that your interview for the competition on Monday had gone beautifully – ends up, inexplicably, reaching your boss’s ears.

Personal outbursts

Remember that your colleagues are not paid for therapy. It is one thing to occasionally drop for example that things at home could be better. But have the common sense not to dwell on more than, at most, two sentences, always looking for the second sentence to be a cue to change the topic of the conversation to something more positive.

Health problems

Think very carefully about what your colleagues want to know or not about their health problems, also because an innocent outburst can lead them to question their ability to carry out the project / work to the end.


If you do not intend to terminate your employment contract in advance, make an effort not to go to the workplace to disclose how you are hungover or exhausted from the night before. This behavior denotes a complete lack of professionalism, in addition to being just unpleasant.

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