7 Tricks To Boost Your Creativity In An Easy And Practical Way

One of the things that terrifies us most in adult life is running out of creativity. And while this is impossible because our brains are working all-the-time, the thing is, you need a good idea to help drive what you do. In general, these arise when you let your mind flow, which is actually the difficult thing, especially when you work under pressure, with the minutes counted, or when you have to solve a serious problem.

But remember the golden rule: creativity flows when you flow. Therefore, doing some activities that are out of your work area can help you not only to relax, but also to allow your mind to make new connections so that those ideas that you need so much emerge. Do you want to know what activities can save you from a crash? We tell you the best and that they have helped us a lot.

Let’s start with something simple: coloring books!

It is no coincidence that in this day and age, coloring books have become all the rage. They help you disconnect, they are beautiful and allow creativity to dictate what you are going to put on paper. Leave behind that idea that they are only for children; They are excellent for reconnecting with your most basic creative side and exercising it. The creativity, as the mind is a muscle you have to put to work. We repeat it one more time: good ideas don’t come out of nowhere!

Join an art class

Don’t say the classic ‘but I don’t know how to draw’, because the truth is that there are already classes to promote creativity, everything! From weaving, embroidery, oil painting, watercolor to jewelry, ceramics, writing, photography … unfortunately we live in a time where artistic activities are believed to be pure leisure, but they couldn’t be more wrong: they are activities that help you educate the be careful, think about how you are going to put something from your mind on paper, and make an effort to make sure things are perfect. Open your mind and dedicate your time to something that you are passionate about in this area, you will really flow.

Read a good book

There are no more excuses: there are books for all tastes and in thousands of presentations. To help your creativity we recommend 100% reading fiction: nothing like seeing the way in which an author builds a world and you let yourself get lost in it and its characters. Your mind will do all the scenarios and put faces to all the names, and that exercises creativity. 100% Real, not fake.

Get out of your house!

Good ideas can happen during a break, but it may be more difficult if you haven’t left your home in eight days. The mind has to clear and there is nothing better than going for a walk, even connecting with green areas. And if you have the possibility of giving yourself a trip, what better! You don’t necessarily have to go to the other side of the world, but you can still consider a road trip with your best friends, or a meeting in a nice cafe with all the security measures.

Write down all your ideas

We have the theory that many of the problems we have in the world have already been solved in dreams of many people … but when they wake up they do not write it down. Ok, it sounds exaggerated, but really good things can happen in a flash, and even if you think that ‘after a while you write it down, you do remember’, you and I know that it will not be like that. So a little notebook in your bag, a pen, and writing down words, doodles and drawing.

Study something new

We are not talking about studying for a graduate degree, because it is something extremely demanding and worth considering if you have the time, but you could see studying a new language, learning to code or something like that. At this point, you could assess the importance of studying something that helps you in the world of work. Who says that in one of those you do not change to one of the top technology companies, they send you to the other side of the world to study something, or you enter a project to program the following app that will be on everyone’s cell phone ? You never know …

Believe in yourself

One of the first obstacles to creativity … is yourself. Sorry, it is so. Punishing yourself for not having good ideas, throwing everything out the first time, or failing to assess the possibilities is simply putting a stop to things that may, in fact, work. Think that a good idea comes, but it is up to you to shape it and make it come true (yes, like a painting, or a poem). So believe in yourself. What if it couldn’t? Let the next plan come. Are you ready.

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