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7 Tricks To Take Awesome Selfies In All The Photos

Currently photographs are essential since the use of social networks requires it. But when it comes to taking a selfie or photo there is always something that causes noise and more if you are not photogenic. However, today we give you seven tricks that will help you to emerge as a model in the photographs.

With these tricks that we will give you below, your natural beauty will be reflected in the camera. Do not think twice and pay attention!


It almost always happens that you have been waiting for the photo to be taken for a while and therefore you tend to close your eyes, but for this the most advisable thing is to close your eyes only a few seconds before and then open them slowly so that your eyes do not pop out.


Another of the defects that come out on camera is the double chin and it is that some of them come out for being a little light weight, but for one reason or another what you can do is lengthen your neck and subtly push your face forward.


With makeup you have to be very careful, you must use a base that favors you. If you use a very weak base, the difference will be noticeable in the photo.


When you take the photo try to stay in a pose that you like, this occurs with practice, and after several ways you will find the indicated way of your angle.

Surprise photo

These types of photos occur at the least expected moment, so it is surprising and when they tell you, try to clean the brightness of your face as quickly as possible and pinch your cheeks so that you appear rude.


Avoid shine as much as you can, always try to have a cleaning kit at your disposal for you to do throughout the day.


There is no better expression on the face than that of a smile, it will show your most human side and you will also look pleasant on camera.

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