7 Types Of Road Signs You Need To Know In Kenya

Traffic Signs help road users to communicate without use of words but just signs and very few words often two or on word.

They are such vital since they remain the main known method that is easy to control the traffic.

Road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, drivers among others should be able to understand and get to master some of the crucial signs

In Kenya we have the following class of road signs and symbols

  1. Warning signs- Serve warning to road users, usually in red triangle.
  2. Informative signs- They are usually green in color, offering more information to motorists. Eg. Hospital ahead
  3. Regulatory signs- Their main function is to regulate some actions from Road Users
  4. Priority signs – These are signs which demand or give priority to some road users or action, it denied some road users a certain kind of freedom within a set place. E.g No overtaking
  5. Prohibitory signs- They are usually circled with a red border, prohibiting motorists to do some actions. E.g No entry or no parking
  6. Mandatory signs- These are actions such road users must observe, they are usually in blue colour. E.g speed minimum limit 50KPH
  7. Direction signs – They offer directions to road users

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