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7 Ways To Handle Toxic Co-workers

The office – or whatever your workplace is – is probably the only place where you spend more time than in your own home.

Your colleagues will eventually become more than just acquaintances.

You cannot choose your coworkers. But you can choose how your behavior affects you.

If you are unlucky enough to have toxic work colleagues, do not leave, let’s talk about the different types and solutions to face them.

1.The Tantrums

Features: Crush everything around you because you are not able to manage your emotions. Unstable and volatile

Solutions: It is important to understand when you are in a time of crisis, and thus avoid it. Wait until you are in a quiet moment and start a conversation in a relaxed tone.

If they are still nervous, do not succumb to  impertinences. “When you’re more relaxed, they’ll talk to you.”

2. The brags

Characteristics: The perfect form is yours, so it is difficult for you to contribute your ideas or to carry out your projects.

Solutions: Use positive language to relax you when you are dull in your ideas. Consider offering a wider range of options and approaches and be very assertive.

Try to make the result of the conversation to win-win. “What do you think if you have said we add this?”

3. The Abusers

Features: Humiliates and abuses to get what you want.

Solutions: We must intervene before the abusive behavior is triggered. For example, “I like to work here and I feel I am able to contribute to the lot.” But it bothered me when you said “X” in front of Marcos. “B” And when I answer you add: “Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.”

4. The Chief Operator

Characteristics: Typical behavior of many bosses, expect the impossible in terms of time, projects and resources (it has not yet realized that you only have 2 hands).

He knows that it is impossible to get there, but he will not stop pressing and trying to make your life reduced to that project.

Solutions: Help your boss set realistic priorities, to be really aware of what the project needs to end. When you get overwhelmed ask him to know the priorities of the project, explain what you want to do and focus your efforts.

5. The Passive-Aggressive

Characteristics: These people are almost impossible to understand, they are very poor communicators and they are never there when you need them. They usually ignore you, since they avoid any confrontation.

Solutions: Find a way to communicate with him that generates interest. Maybe you prefer regular mails or voice notes, find out. But it establishes a protocol to communicate with him attractive and regular.

6. The Second Chief

Characteristics: Companions who control your work because they do not trust you or because they simply cannot leave you alone.

Either way, they undermine your morale instantly because it seems like they were forced to think for you.

Solutions: Learn to “over-communicate” so that your colleagues are aware of your progress and have no reason to control you. Comment that you have finished that, and that you are going to put on this other one. Or how little you have left to perfect that part.

7. The Liar

Features: Manipulate and lie for you to work more or to achieve what they propose. You cannot trust them.

Solutions: Ask your boss or colleagues. Collect information and record everything you do in writing. Cover your backs and you will avoid that tomorrow no one comes to throw you on the floor.

Remember that you decide when it comes to your work. Do not let yourself get caught or overwhelmed, you have many opportunities so it’s not worth it. The problem is that sometimes the routine seems comfortable, even if it is toxic – because the change can seem equally daunting.

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