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8 Characteristics Of A Motivated Student

Encouraging students’ desire to succeed is a challenge for teachers and parents today and forever. A motivated child is one who raises his hand to participate in class, is interested in the subjects and likes to face the challenges they pose.

Motivation is a crucial part of the learning process, but ensuring that students are encouraged is not easy. Technology has caused even the most attentive students to be distracted by their cell phones, making the challenge even greater today.

Too often many teachers believe that if students answer their questions, they are listening, but it doesn’t have to be. What then you define a motivated student?

 According to experts, these are the 8 characteristics of a happy student in class:


The first thing that defines an attentive student is that he loves to participate in class, either to answer a question or to ask questions. If he asks without cutting himself, you will know that he is comfortable with you and with the atmosphere of the class. Becoming an advisor, a tutor of the students is essential so that they feel motivated and learn more.

Also, when they are comfortable, children are more friendly and sociable, so that the class will be more united.


When a student is motivated they will work more independently. There will be no rules and penalties for those who do not participate: they will do it because they like it.

Self confidence

A motivated student feels more powerful, in the most positive sense of the word. In other words, you will feel more responsible for your jobs, more self-confident, and more influential. This is an important part of adolescent development.


Children and adolescents motivated by a subject show more curiosity. So if they keep asking for extra details about the lesson, you are on the right track.


When we want to achieve the best results we are more competitive. You will also see this in your students. You will see that they compete to be the first to respond, to achieve the best grades and to be heard. But beware, don’t let excessive competition discourage other students. If you see that a student finds it more difficult to keep up with the class, focus on him, know her difficulties and help him advance.


Students will seek recognition for their accomplishments and successes because they want to be the best. This is synonymous with motivation.


A happy student will brag about their projects and jobs and, at best, their teacher. If you feel proud, you feel somehow connected to what you do in class. You’re doing it right.


Motivation not only has an effect on students, you will also notice it. You will feel that they respect you more at the same time that you are closer to them.

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