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8 Crazy Rituals Kenyan Ladies Do After Buying First Car

Owning a car, for the middle class and rich Kenyans is a dream for many. And especially for the female gender.

For ladies, many would go for popular makes such as Toyota Vitz among other types of similar cars.

But here are some of the funny things ladies do once they have the keys in their purse.

1.Male Drive.

Ladies would look for their boyfriends, husbands , male family friend or even their close male friends so as to set fist foot on the gas pedal.

Ladies believe that letting a man drive her car for the first time before she can start using it will bless her car and reduce accident risk

2. Knocking down a pet animal

Of all the rituals, this is the most funny one to believe and very unreal.

Ladies will carefully look for a black pet, such as a cat or a dog to symbolize a bad omen and knock them down mercilessly so as to avoid causing accident in future.

Whether this one works, is a subject of serious traditional debate.

The knock must be serious to kill the unlucky pet.

3.Rushing to Ushago

So the first thing to do, is to rush to their homes on the first weekend with car keys.

This is another form of road test to see whether the car is in good condition.

4.Sleeping in the car

The first day with their car, they sleep inside them. As a way of pleasing the good gods and showing her respect for the car. It is all funny though

5.Full Tank

For the first two or three days, the car’s fuel tank will always be full. Ladies will think that this is a sign of starting well with your car so as you do not run out of fuel cash in future.

6.Car Cleansing

While at home on the first weekend, the car would be cleansed which involves chasing away evil spirits and blessing it in same breath.

7.Taking Log book to priests

While the car is given a traditional reception, its log book is taken to a pastor for church dedication and baptism.

8.Urinating on Tires

This one sounds like a mentally ill person, right?

Ladies would ask some male friends to urinate on their tires, so as they can go for long and avoid tire bursts.

If not, ladies themselves will administer the drug, which is alot challenging for girls but delivers the best result than the first choice

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