8 Early Muted Signs Of Brain Tumor

When it comes to the early signs of a tumor, the sad fact is that they are very silent since they occur like the normal daily symptoms of ailments from headaches to depression.

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However, the good news is that this deadly brain cancer affects less than 1 percent of the world’s population.

  1. Severe headaches which are very high during the morning hours after waking up. This headaches never seem to go away and the doctors can’t figure out the origin of the painful head. This headaches are said not to be able to respond to medicines
  2. Patients suffer from bitemporal hemianopsia, a situation where by the brain cancer suppress part of the vision nerves on the brain, as a result, patients suffer from loss of vision, but they may not realize until they bump into objects and cause minor injuries to themselves
  3. Weak legs might be another sign of a brain tumor, your motor cortex when it is suppressed, you legs might not correspond well with the signals from the brain coordination
  4. Language problems such as stuttering, difficulty naming objects or understanding what others are saying are key symptoms of a tumor in the frontal or temporal lobes, areas of the brain associated with motor function of speech and language comprehension
  5. Brain tumor patients may develop depression, anger or anxiety, even if they don’t commonly exhibit these types of emotions
  6. Also, patients could suffer from loss of hearing or no ringing sounds due to the brain tumor that could be suppressing their ear lobes
  7. If the tumor affaects the pituitary gland located in the brain, thein infertility could be experienced. This brain gland is responsible for sexual hormones espcially in women
  8. One of the many areas where the brainstem plays a vital role is with motor function. If you start to find walking difficult, especially in the dark, and you tend to lean toward one side, this can be a symptom caused by tumors in the cerebellum, the area of the brain responsible for balance and coordination.

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