8 Easy Loans You Can Get At The Comfort Of Your Palm

It is undeniable that life is so difficult and so hard to handle as a single person, therefore you need friends to sail through.

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However, sometimes nagging your friends repeatedly brings down your status when you have a couple of places you can seek help inform of loans to sail through your problems.

And ones such means, is through the newly introduced new easy loans, which can be received within the shortest time possible, and even some by just tapping on your phone

  • Mshwari

Available for Mpesa and Safaricom users, easily accessible and very convineint for short term finance solutions. Your limit increases with the rate of your savings and payment loyalties

  • Mkopa

It is a KCB loan integrated with Mpesa, works similar to Mshwari

  • Eazy Loan

Equity bank and Equitel mobile network that is simple and easy to get, you do not need securities, just like Mshwari, and you good to get a good loan, it is a good loan compared to Mshwari

  • Okoa Jahazi

If you just need credit, no need to look for someone to loan you cash, just tap on your Safaricom phone service and go ahead to win even a one month credit on phone

  • Okoa Bundles

Similar to Okoa Jahazi, but one buys internet bundles on loan, and you can buy even one month bundles, then pay them later

  • Loan on items

There are small merchandise which gives loans based on items you are willing to give them as a security. They normally give loan based on the marked price of the item

  • Okoa Stima

If you want to get electricity units, but no cash, you need not to bother your cronies

  • Gawa Credo

Similar to Okoa Jahazi, this is available for Airtel network users.

To boil everything down, most of mobile networks and local banks are servicing clients with quick loans just to tap in this untapped market. Seek more advice from your respective server



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