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10 Easy Ways To Make Money While Doing Less Work

The first signal that comes to your head when you read such a headline, is probably the presence of conmen because that is always their slogan.

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However, the difference with this article, is that you are making easy money in a smart way, conmen want you to make money only in your dream, or less without using your brains. That’s the biggest difference!

Below are 7 smart and easy ways you can make money without using much effort or rather by doing less work.

  • Shares

Buying shares from a firm or a nice company can be a very rich idea, with returns assured on every end of the year. You just need to buy enough shares that will give back a good number of profits and generate good money when you sell them away

  • Solar Panels

Solar panels can save you great money and at the same time give you a lot of cash, yes. So much cash is spend and planted on electricity which at the end of the day can be a great disappointment. Panels will save power bills and earn you some cash when you distribute them

  • Stocks

Stock exchange is such a less tapped market from the youths, yet it has the best returns at the comfort of your seat. Investing in stock exchange lets the numbers work for you, while you swing in your seat.

  • Interests

Go to the banks that promote savings that earn you interests, however small they may be, a penny saved is better than a penny lost. At the end of the day it is free money!

  • Less Taxes

Avoid tax compliance avenues, Make use of Mpesa till numbers if you got a startup business, if you can do this, you will save so much

  • Talent

How about making money using your own habit, when you are having fun, you are making money. If you are a photographer, you make money from the photos you take!

  • Gaming

Online games can earn you some good cash, subscribing to these competitions can make you get very rich returns and it can be a good business venture for people who love computer games

  • Dividends

SMEs encourage investing in them, and then you get back small earning on your saved cash, absolutely for free, such is free money, you just need to keep on increasing your cash

  • Real Estate

Buying a land at a cheaper price, keeping it for close to 5 years can aern you millions of shillings.

You just need to identify a potential avenue of investment and make your risks so minimal

  • Loaning

Lending out your cash to those in need can be a lucrative business, you just need to have a good security that will return back your money when the loaned defaults


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