8 Female Kenyan Celebs Dating Their Personal Bodyguards

When it comes to dating , men will look for a good loving wife, who is of course beautiful according to the existing relative standards.

For women, it is a little complicated, women would try to look for a stable man who is financially able and physically fit.

A gym body is a man who can provide security to a lady is normally an added advantage.

This is the reason why some of Kenyan female celebs opted to date their gym trainers or rather their personal bodyguards

Jowi and Monica Kimani

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie was dating Monica Kimani before he became a key suspect in the death of Kimani.

However, Jowie who is a trained personal guard had been working as a personal guard for Monica before things went south and became even lovers.

MP Aisha Jumwa

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa had been in love with her personal aide Geofrey Otieno for six years .

This became public when the two were accused for the murder of Ngumbao Jola.

Despite Otieno being married with two kids, Aisha would romance with her aide in Malindi whenever they were together.


Popular Kenyan musician Akothee has been dating Nelly Oaks. A cost based manager and fitness trainer.

Nelly Oaks would later be promoted to an aide before assuming the office of a partner and a personal aide for Akothee’s kids

Corazon Kwamboka

Kenyan socialite known for her big behind, went for popular Instagram trainer Frankie.

Frankie would grow from a trainer to a baby daddy of Kwamboka.

Natalie Tewa

Before break up, which was one of the nastiest one in 2019, they were one of the relationship goals for most of their fans in their 20s.

But besides that, Natalie Tewa was dating such a hunk and well bodied man who also served as her personal trainer.

Tewa’s body was also a dream for many who wanted to look like doles


Natasha has been featured in this conversation because of dating Diamond.

The Tanzanian musician is hunk and got to be gym goals for many men in Kenya.

Diamond has that physic body, money, fame and glory

Esther Musila

The most memorable and talked about marriage of 2020 was between Musila and Guardian Angel.

The duo are also gym lovers and trainers

Vera Sidika

Calisah dated Vera for few months before they broke up.

Calisah is a model and a gym fanatic who loves to do fitness .

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