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8 Harmless Habits That Trigger Divorce

Without realizing it, people can adopt habits that could harm our relationship both emotionally and sexually, so they can become the main causes of divorce .

One way to identify bad habits is to analyze your situation and talk with your partner in order to find a solution together.

These are the most common mistakes:

1. They have different goals or paths.

When the two seek different goals, coexistence is more difficult. A study from the University of China even reveals that traveling in the same direction as your partner (for example: to go to work) creates a feeling that you share the same ideals.

2. They consume saturated fat in excess.

A study from Ohio State University points out that eating foods with these characteristics damages the couple’s relationship because they increase stress levels and cause fights to be stronger.

3. Attraction.

A study by McGill University details that women who feel committed to their partner are not attracted to others, while those who do not feel it can flirt without any problem.

4. Lack of smile .

A study from DePauw University, in the United States, details that people who do not smile much are more likely to divorce than those who enjoy smiling.

5. Overprotection.

 Problems can arise when there is a feeling of excess protection, especially when someone else might be interested in one of the two members of the couple .

6. Status of the home.

A Hunter College study details that if a couple owns their home, they have a longer relationship.

7. Value of things.

Brigham Young University notes in a study that couples who value items and money more have less emotional stability.

8. Influence of the environment.

A study led by Rose McDermott at Brown University notes that people who are surrounded by divorced partners are at higher risk of following that example.

Another point that you should take into account to avoid divorce is the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, since an investigation by the Center for Economic Policy Research in Australia details that smoking is a risk factor for divorce if one of the two does not share it

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