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8 Indicators You Must Break Up With Your Partner

We have already accepted that there are forever relationships and nothing happens. The world is not over, not even your own world ends when you break a relationship, but a new one begins.

 It is healthier to recognize the mistake than to insist on it, so pay attention to the indicators that you must rethink your relationship. It’s the moment

The moment in which you must rethink the relationship

Attentive to the signs that your relationship needs a thorough review. It may not be necessary to break or you may. It may be a crisis with a solution or the end of your love story.

But in any case, it is always better to make a decision in time to maintain a relationship that makes you unhappy.

But when should you rethink the relationship?

1 There is not good communication

You care about your relationship and point out the aspects to improve. But each time you do it, the matter ends in an angry couple discussion in which it is not solved or debated, but criticized, shouted and reproached.

Logically you end up never commenting anything and that is an obvious sign that you have renounced communication as a couple.

2 You want different things

Sometimes we are not clear about what we want and sometimes it turns out that we do not want the same thing. You want a relationship as a couple, build a life together while your partner wants to roll, a temporary company without commitment.

 It is respectable what each one wants, but it is evident that you are not going the same way and that your relationship has not future. Do not let it pass.

3 You do not feel yourself

When you are with your partner you lose the spontaneity, you are not yourself, you do not feel comfortable to show yourself just as you are.

This situation is quite frequent when there is more need to please the other person than to enjoy with the other person.

And without going to blame anyone, or your partner or yourself, you have to recognize that you will never be happy in that relationship.

4 You have changed

It happens sometimes and not one knows why. The ideal man who fell in love suddenly has changed and has become a stranger that you like less and less. Was it the band of love that made you wrong or is it that I showed you a face that was not?

Little matter the reasons, because in these moments you have to rethink the relationship.

5 There is no balance in the relationship

Relationships between couples are lived in equality and balance. The two decide, the two speak, the two listen, both have the same importance.

This aspect is key if you do not want to see yourself locked in a toxic relationship that will cost you a lot to leave.

6 Lack of attraction

You like her, your partner is a great person, you share the same tastes and also you share friends. What is yours is an ideal couple, the whole world says.

And yet, it does not appeal to you, you do not sleep with it because of an animal impulse, but because of a social convention. So you can live your whole life together, so you can have a happy life together, but you will never feel what the passion of love is like.

7 There are more disagreements than encounters

Check the last months of the relationship and write down the times you have laughed with your partner and the times you have discussed.

What weighs more in the balance? That the discussions of couple are healthy does not mean that they have to be daily. When there are more disagreements than encounters, it is that you are incompatible.

8 That’s not love, it’s dependence

To not be alone, to maintain your standard of living, to continue with your habits

A healthy relationship is maintained by love, never by necessity.

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