8 Kenyan Celebrities Expecting Babies In 2018

As the new year 2018 continue to give birth to new beautiful days and night, these expectant celebs cannot stop counting the number of days that are left for them to receive their bundle of joys.

Have a look below.


Former Mother In Law actor Celina might be expecting another kid before the end of 2018.

Celina and hubby

In 2017, it was one of her best year to recall, she won a Kalasha award and also had a wedding in the same year. Note that when she married fellow actor Philip Karanja, she already had a baby.

She shared a message which makes us safe say she is expecting a baby, we wish her all the best in 2018!

“Rehearsing baby carrying techniques with my #wcw #babynduku and my sis #nyambura on her graduation.”

Celina and niece


Comedian Njuguna and wife Celestine Mutinda are now expecting a kid within 2018. It has been a year now since the two got united in a lavish wedding back in 2017.


Njugush went to social media to promise wife that this is her year of being blessed with her dream kid.

blessednjugushI have a prophecy for you@celestinendinda ,nimeonyeshwa yakwamba hii mwaka haitaisha kama hujajaaliwa na mtoto mpyenga, i don’t know how lakini kitu inaniambia itahappen happen,naonyeshwa yakwamba haitaenda saana, he wrote

3.Wendy Kimani

Wendy married a Muzungu, and she has become finally pregnant.

She has spilled everything to the public.

Look at her recent post.


4.Nick Mutuma And Wife

Actor Nick Mutuma and his wife Bridget Shighadi are expecting their first ever kid before the end of 2018.

Nick has revealed that her wife is indeed pregnant of him and it is just a matter of months

“Yes Bridget is pregnant with Nick’s child. However, they want to keep the story under wraps

The two are romoured to have left for Miami for their Christmas Holiday in 2017

5.Zubeda Koome

Zubeda Kananu Koome and her hubby Koome are thrilled to be expecting their second born.

Zubeida Kananu

Her friends threw in a surprise bash for the KTN TV anchor which actually brought her to her knees and almost broke into tears.

This is what she wrote.

Zubeida said, “as the year comes to a close, god has made me realize how much he loves me, how special i am to him, and that i am his blessed child. He’s given me a special meaning of love through the gift of family and friends…god thank you, i will always love and worship…i’ve seen your hand in everything…to my friends and family, thank you for being who you are in my life, i hold you so dear, i treasure you…may god always watch over you and protect you…nawapenda sana 


“The first definition one would give about colleagues is people we work with, but to me, they are more than that, they are family, my blood, people who are always at a very special place in my heart, people that i treasure, and today on this special thanks giving sunday, i dedicate each one of them to god, may he always watch over them and their families, may he protect them from the evil eye, may they prosper in all they do, may god bless and reward them in a very special way, and may the love we share get stronger and stronger each day. Amen  my people i love and celebrate each one of you, if i’ve ever wronged any of you, forgive me. Nawapenda sana 

She will be remembered for laughing hysterically and uncontrollable during prime news session which she was anchoring .

6.Diana Marua

Bahati Kenya was supposed to wed Diana Marua in the mid of the year, but they have not yet set up a day.
























Besides, looks like Diana Marua will do the wedding with a baby bump.

Photos doing rounds on the internet showed her flat stomach had already disappeared and her innocent stomach had began to bulge up.

Before Bahati and Marua announced their mid year wedding, Bahati had shocking revealed to the fans his biggest ever secrete to his fans.

He had brought up a kid, from another mother. How he managed to hide the kid for more then 5 years from his much celebrated and hated fame remains a puzzle to guess.

7.DJ Mo

Dj Mo is one of the luckiest Djs in town. He got himself an expectant mother.

Citizen TV’s top Gospel DJ got married to Deborah Kimanthi from Caucasian community.

He will be hoping to receive a baby boy after winning himself 2 baby girls so far.

In a recent interview and on his instagram handle, DJ MO revealed that they are both gladdened with the good news.

She is six months old expectant.

8.Anita Nderu

The #Trend Presenter has been pictured having a baby bump on her 27th birthday. With her colleague, they are all swallowed in a big laughter.

But is she pregnant?

Only time will tell alot!


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