8 Questions You Should Ask To Know If You Are Smart

As much as your mother told you since you started crawling that you were the smartest kid in the world, that does not prove anything. Intelligence is something very subjective, which is increasingly difficult to measure through a test.

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Today there are different types of intelligence and not all can be measured.

With these signs you can know if someone, or yourself, have an intelligence above normal.

How do I know if I’m smarter than the rest?

Are you empathetic?

One of the main components of emotional intelligence is the ability to know what the person in front of you is feeling and act accordingly. People with this kind of intelligence always want to meet new people and talk to them to learn more.

Do you understand that there is much you do not know?

It is impossible to know everything and only admitting everything you do not know, you can learn it.

Do you know how to control yourself?

The test was simple, choosing between a task to do immediately with a low reward or a long-term task with a higher bonus. Those who chose the second, who are able to plan and control their work, were the ones who scored the most on the intelligence tests.

Are you insatiably curious?

Albert Einstein himself acknowledged: “I have no special talent, I’m just a curious fan.” If you ask yourself about everything that the rest of the world takes for granted and you love knowing the origin of things or how they are made, you are more intelligent than others.

Are you easily adaptable?

An intelligent person is able to adapt to any environment and restriction to give the best of himself and obtain the best result despite the problems and disadvantages.

Do you know how to make people laugh?

A smarter, better sense of humor. The capacity to make laugh measures the verbal intelligence and the people with more punctuation in these tests are able to design cartoons of humor with much more acceptance.

Do you have an open mind?

A highly intelligent person does not rush to defend an idea or perspective, before he is able to honestly evaluate all the alternatives that the world offers.

Do you enjoy your own company?

Smarter people are not just more individualistic, a recent study has proven that they get less pleasure from socializing with friends.

Do you think you’re smarter than the rest?



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