8 Rights Every Student Should Enjoy During Industrial Attachment

You finished your bachelor’s or master’s degree and now it’s time to look for a job. For many people, it is now that they really feel the beginning of their professional life.

However, as it has also been throughout your various stages, this may seem a little difficult at first. Among several possibilities, the one that may be the most viable will be to carry out a professional internship.

This step will be like a transition between the academic world and the professional world, for which you must be properly prepared

Advantages of Conducting a Professional Internship

  • After finishing, and also during university studies or professional training, it is time to enter the job market
  • Without good internships there is no good work. This is a reality in today’s working world. For companies, internships have become one of the best methods of personnel selection.
  • Conducting internships will help to improve your CV and access the job market with professional experience.
  • There is nothing worse than a resume with an empty or scarce work experience. With an internship, you will be able to demonstrate your work experience in the best business centers. This experience is vitally important to get a good job.
  • Taking internships during a study period or after completing the course is one of the most productive decisions for all those who wish to have a successful career in the future.

The benefits of doing internships in companies are numerous, but there are 5 main advantages:

1. Acquire new skills

The university and the training centers produce theoretical knowledge, but it is the companies that allow to acquire the practical knowledge and to know the daily tasks of each professional profile. The theoretical basis is essential, but internships in companies allow you to acquire the skills and competencies necessary to become a qualified and professional person.

2. Learning to look for a job

The search for a professional internship will serve as training for the job search. Writing a resume and an attractive cover letter and conducting interviews will become easier tasks.

3. Make contacts

Internships at companies will allow you to establish contacts with industry professionals. If you show your worth and commitment, your co-workers or those in charge of the company can be an excellent letter of recommendation.

4. Possibility of getting a job

Doing internships in a company does not in itself guarantee a stable position, but if the impression you leave is positive, you will have more opportunities for your application to have more points in favor in the possible vacancies in the organization.

5. Improve the curriculum

Companies select the best curricula where, in addition to training and the ability to speak other languages, professional experience plays a key role. The realization of internships allows to expand the curriculum and shows the interest in entering the world of work.

How to Get a Professional Internship

Internships are a great opportunity to learn from professionals in your field while you are still in college.

 In this way, you will have a prior idea of ​​what the profession is really like and will be able to develop skills and competences that may not have been acquired in classrooms. In addition, a good internship can increase your opportunities to get the job of your dreams in the future.

1. Seek help in college

Nowadays, almost all colleges have their student support office in which they help students find internship opportunities, promote job fairs and promote networking activities between students and companies, among many other advantages.

Get informed and enroll in your college, making the most of the help they have to give you, so that it becomes easier to find the ideal internship and a career opportunity. You will see that it is simpler than you think.

2. Find the Right Stage

Instead of applying for any internship, stay focused on a job that is right for you. Choose the internship that most interests you and brings you the most learning opportunities for your future career.

3. Get ready

It is important to be prepared for job interviews. Create a well-structured curriculum and ask your teachers for letters of recommendation.

It is important to show that you are really interested in the learning that the internship will offer you and that you are also willing to make an effort.

4. Have a professional attitude

The time has come to start acting like the professional you want to be. Start by “cleaning up” your social networks, presenting a professional image and building a network that can benefit you in the future. Your career is starting and you need to look like that.

The Trainee’s Best Posture

Anyone who thinks that internship is a waste of time is mistaken. He’s the bridge between you and the university.

 It is the period when you will learn to work and be close to influential people with an established career. Of course, you will learn a lot in college, but the internship is essential to understand what you can’t do in classrooms.

And often this knowledge acquired at work is more important than that acquired at school.

Therefore, you have to think that it is an essential phase of your career and, therefore, you must turn it into a valuable experience. Get to know how to:

1- See it as a real job

Despite the title of intern, you have to face your internship as if you were already an effective employee of the company. The more you value your position, the more others will value it. Asks for more responsibility; don’t expect them to come to you without you doing it first.

2- Colleagues-tutors

If you are intimidated and are afraid of making mistakes and asking for help, find a mentor to neutralize your insecurity. That person can help you to be more secure and to make you feel part of the company and, therefore, to have more intimacy to ask things of others. That person may even be an older trainee.

3- Arrives on time

If you do not arrive on time, you demonstrate that you do not appreciate your position. And believe me, there are many people who would like to be in your place. So, value it!

4- Networking

Use that opportunity to create a network of contacts in your profession. Remember that it is your first experience in the area you are studying, so it is the best opportunity to make contacts.

5- Cards

If possible, ask your company or university for a card. It is interesting to have something concrete to offer when people want to concrete to offer when people want to contact you. But don’t use your company or university name without their permission!

6- Learn as much as you can

Learn about the company, its divisions, projects, software, tools, everything. This concrete experience is more important than any class you have at the university.

7- Don’t work too hard

Creating a balance between enjoying your work and working continuously, proves your worth. You have to start balancing that from the beginning, because you will have to deal with that balance throughout your life. So, learn now.

8- Have fun

The important thing is that you are good, not the best. This does not mean that you should not compare your performances. But compare them only to your pasts. Either way, don’t stress; do your best and have fun. The real world is almost here.

Trainee’s rights:

Among the trainee’s main rights are:

• Attribution of occupational accident insurance

• Rllocation of food allowance

• Right to give up the internship

• Right to absences

• Right to holidays

• Hygiene and health at work

• Daily and weekly rest period

• Working hours and working hours

• Security

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