8 Romantic Places You Must Visit With You Fiancee On A Typical Nairobi Weekend

There are two types of people in this world; the homebodies and the outdoorsy kind.

Snuggling in bed with your partner while watching Kevin Hart’s Ride Along sounds like a good idea but heading out to experience Nairobi in all it’s marvelous beauty and all that it has to offer is even a better idea.

Wondering what you can get up to over a weekend in Nairobi? Here are some ideas:

1. Visit Nairobi National Park

The beauty of Nairobi National Park is not just in the fact that it’s a park right in the heart of the busy Nairobi town but also the fact that you can go on a game drive or safari walk and still have a picnic with friends at one of the picnic sites while enjoying the beautiful landscapes. It’s simply breathtaking!

2. GP Karting

You can channel your inner Lewis Hamilton by donning an overall and helmet and enjoying an adrenaline filled experience of car racing with friends at GP Karting Langata and later getting some drinks and food at the same premises. Good news is kids can race too and therefore this could work for families too.

3. In-Door Rock Climbing

Tired of the cliché dating ideas? Head over to Blue Sky Kenya at Diamond Plaza for some sporty rock climbing action with your date.

4. Oloolua Nature Trail

Who needs to get out of town for a nature trail? Oloolua Nature Trail in Karen boasts of a 20 foot waterfall, caves, picnic site complete with benches and a bonfire. If you need to walk your dog, have a zen moment and read a book or just take a nice quiet tranquil walk, Oloolua is the place to be.

5. Masaai market

Crazy about African prints, décor, souvenirs and jewelry? Masaai Market offers you a wide range of beautiful hand made products that scream “Straight outta Africa“. Every Saturday and Sunday, the market is open all mid-morning and afternoon at The High Court Parking Lot in city center.

6. Paint ball

A little adrenaline and some itsy bitsy pain never hurt anyone! Paintball with a group of friends is uber fun and a nice way to relieve stress. Paintball can be done at GP-Karting in Langata or at Paintball Furry Limited on Ngong Road.

7. Watch a live play

Take a break from the cinemas and support local talent by watching a live play at Alliance Francaise or the recently revamped Kenya National Theater. You’ll be surprised at how much talent Kenyan Poets, Comedians, Actors and Actresses possess.

8. Attend A Cooking Lesson

Not all of us have that Gordon Ramsay touch when it comes to matters of cooking prowess. Good news is, you can attend Chef Ken’s Lemon Grass cooking lessons  for couples and groups of friends. It’s nice to take a break from fine dining at your favorite restaurant and make a meal together with your significant other with the help of a professional Chef, how romantic.

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