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8 Tips For Making Safe Purchases Online

For security, it is important that users make purchases with cards. Affiliated with secure payment systems or purchase cards for specific transactions on the Internet.

The main thing is to buy in recognized sites where the provider can clearly identified.

In addition, the review of comments that other users may have left on the page about the product, service or provider is another good indicator.

  1. The service provider must provide on its website or mobile application all relevant information so that an informed decision can be made (price, service characteristics, purchase conditions, etc.).
  2. The information must be provided in a clear understandable language, be truthful, clear, sufficient, simple accessibility and easy to understand.

The indicated price must include the taxes, commissions and / or other applicable charges.

If there are additional surcharges (for example, for the delivery of travel tickets), these must be specified in a clear and detailed manner.

  1. It must be informed if the delivery of products or the provision of services are applicable throughout the country or if there are restrictions.
  2. If there is a difference in the price, depending on the payment with credit cards or other means of payment, this must be clearly informed.
  3. The means of payment accepted must be indicated.
  4. The web page or mobile application used to purchase a product or contract the service must guarantee the security of online payments.
  5. An indicator that the visited website is safe to buy, is the address bar. If the address starts with “https: //”, it is a secure website.
  6. In the upper left part of the web page a padlock should be shown, this image will indicate that the information is encrypted, that is, has a security certificate


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