8 Tips For Reading More Books And Leaving Your Smartphone Aside

When you are at home doing nothing or sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, it is practically instinctive to pick up your smartphone to take a peek through social media or try to pass a new phase of that new online game. In the digital age, the entertainment options for spare time are immense, ranging from the Netflix series to the almost infinite games available in the palm of your hand.

The problem is that the various technologies available ended up gaining strength and put aside more analog hobbies, such as reading a good book. However, it is possible to bypass all these digital distractions and resume the habit and passion for reading. See how:

One book at a time

Starting to read more books than you are able to guarantee will create a block. Although some people are able to read several works at the same time, for those who are just now resuming the practice, we must avoid this temptation. The reader may be intimidated and get the impression that reading is very difficult and not very pleasant. So focus on one story at a time and if you don’t like the book you’re reading, don’t hesitate to put it aside and start reading a new one. The important thing is to take it easy and maintain interest in the practice.

Disconnect to read

If you are going through a reading crisis, in which the sight of the cover of a book alone terrifies you, then part of this phenomenon may be linked to the excess of time you spend online. The internet, despite its cute kitten memes and funny videos, is the world’s biggest procrastination tool. We started with the intention of just taking a look at Facebook, but when we realize we have been sitting in front of the computer for hours or with the smartphone in hand.

One way to reverse this process is to take the time to disconnect and spend a few hours enjoying a good book. But for this to work, discipline is required. Reserve the days of the week when you’re most relaxed and set an alarm on your phone to find out what time you should log off from the digital world.

Revisit the classics

Do you remember the first book that motivated your taste in reading? It was probably really special and got your attention with a good story. So when you’re going through a reading crisis, open your closet, search the shelves and try to find the work that inspired you from the beginning, to immerse yourself in your story once again.

Stroll through the bookstore

It may seem very simplistic, but getting closer to this universe can solve the crisis with books. So, take some time to stroll through your favorite bookstore, have a good coffee and get to know the news. After a few hours of admiring the book covers and talking with the salespeople, you will undoubtedly summarize your inspiration and taste for reading.

Share the habit with a friend

Reading is an activity that is usually practiced by a single person, but having a company in times of crisis can be the solution to your problems. Talk to friends who are also looking to read more books and create a reading and literary discussion club. This tactic will stimulate the group as a whole.

Read the book after the movie

What is considered a real sin by some people may be the solution to others’ reading crisis. If you went to the cinema and loved a movie based on the story of a book, run to the nearest bookstore or library and try to find it. Because it is an interesting story, the chances of getting involved in reading are even greater. But for those who simply cannot deal with this idea, bet on an unpublished book, but on a series you already know and have already read other chapters adapted for cinema.

Listen to your book

Does sitting and flipping through the pages of a book seem distressing to you? So bet on podcasts. Currently, a wide variety of genres are already available on this type of practical and inexpensive platform, which can be used at home, in the car or even on the smartphone.

Try new genres

Despite being passionate about a certain series of books, reading their stories several times can be very tiring. To avoid getting tired of reading and to also have the opportunity to learn new things, try to explore different genres than you are used to. In this adventure, you can discover a new favorite series.

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