8 Tips For Students New To University

If you don’t want to waste your time and your parents’ money, you need to dedicate yourself to the new university challenge with confidence and the best possible strategy.

Tips that can help newcomers to higher education.

1. Don’t take technology to classes

Do not take your laptop or tablet into the classroom. Don’t even distract yourself on social media or chat with your phone. After all, there are far more comfortable places to play or socialize. Be honest with yourself and apply yourself as a new student to the university.

2. If you have this option, take the opportunity to live with your friends

Living with university colleagues is an incredible and fun experience, but it also makes us grow and teaches some basic skills for adult life, such as cooking, cleaning, being responsible etc. At the university you have the opportunity to learn all of this while living with some of your friends. If you are looking for a room, the Beroomers online platform can help.

3. Sit ahead

The further back you stay, the more portable you will have in front of you, and the more chances you will be distracted. In addition you will hear and see the teacher and the board worse. So arrive early and go to the front of the classroom. Bid farewell to your colleagues with a “see you soon” if necessary. Explain to them why you do it, they will understand. If they don’t, there are new friends to meet in the front rows.

4. Create your own group of colleagues

Over the weeks, groups of friends will form, so this is the ideal time to join or create your own. After that, you will always be the outsider who joined. You will have many opportunities to meet colleagues in transport or in the lunch line.

5. Get involved in university activities

Do you like acting? Join your university’s theater club. Do you love music? You can participate in the tuna. The groups of students who are involved in university activities are usually composed of organized and committed students, who have achieved a balance between studies and hobbies. Learn and grow with them. In addition it is another way to meet people, other students with more experience that can help you to better adapt to the university.

6. Reduce distractions and focus

Prepare to enter a diet of distractions. Series? Games? Going out at night? It depends: have you done your homework? These leisure moments should be your reward for the work done. “Work hard, Play hard.” Remember that each semester is expensive, your time is worth much more than tuition fees. Do not waste either.

7. Don’t let matter accumulate

This is not the secondary anymore, remember? Forget studying the subject on the eve of the test. No one will confirm whether or not you finished an article or whether you studied for an exam. University professors have hundreds of students and cannot guarantee that each student has his / her studies up to date. Also, if you live far from home, you won’t even have your parents to act as a warning. You have to know how to manage your time well and do your work yourself.

8. Adapt to new hygiene standards

As you know, all sectors of society have suffered a shock due to the situation generated by the coronavirus. It is important that you keep in mind the new hygiene rules, specific to the academic environment. Wear a mask from the moment you leave home and keep a safe distance between your colleagues and teachers. Whenever possible, keep up to date with the new digital media. These will be central to the monitoring of the next school year.

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