8 Tips To Stimulate Your Creativity

Whether you are a manager of a large company, a school teacher, a fashion designer, a law student, a research fellow or simply a housewife, whoever you are, and dedicate yourself to what you do, you will need to use creativity in more than an occasion because this is not only private property of artists.

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It is true that there are people with an innate talent for creativity and that this is based on a compendium between intellectual skills, knowledge, thinking style, personality, motivation and context.

But it is also true that creativity is like a muscle that the more you work it the more it develops so do not wait any longer and take it to the gym.

Here is a table of exercises to train your creativity:


1.Search for new stimuli

It is not easy for new ideas to arise if we always carry out the same actions with the same people, letting our life be almost constant mechanical gesture and limiting the ability to innovate.

Break with the routine introducing small novelties. Some simple gestures such as going to a different route to work, listening to a different station on the radio, changing gym or sacrificing your favorite restaurant will lead you to face scenarios and meet different people that you will surely get new ideas by the mere fact of changing views and horizon.

2.Recover your childhood curiosity

Become the little boy who spent the day asking “And why?” Take the healthy habit of questioning things, demolish the paradigms, turn around the preconceived ideas, doubt your own convictions to consider new ones.

As soon as you launch yourself to browse and leave your frame of reference, you will see how new perspectives sprout and a lot of different approaches come to mind.

Dedicate yourself to observe carefully is another very effective exercise, look around you, look at people, analyze their behaviors, scrutinize nature or analyze the objects that surround you.

3.Do not hurry

It is more than confirmed that creativity takes time. You will get more and better ideas if you dedicate an hour to the process of thinking them instead of ten minutes.

Often by running to achieve everything quickly, the results are not as good as we would like. It is much better to look for the necessary time to see how better options arise and to let them mature.

4.Feed your imagination

Read almost anything that falls into your hands: novels, newspapers, manuals .Reading, especially literature, streamlines mental processes and is a great battery to keep creativity alive.

But you can extend even longer the life of that battery, if in addition to reading you dedicate yourself to visit exhibitions, conferences, participate in workshops, travel the world in search of everything that gives you new sources where to feed your creativity

5.Do not give up

Loyalty and not being afraid of failure are two perfect allies for creativity. If the first idea you do not like, look for a second and if that does not convince you either go for the third one.

Do not let them throw away your ideas, nor do you do it yourself. Be confident in your creative ability, experience and practice as many times as you need trial and error.

6.At the top of motivation

If you set goals creativity will flow more easily, since the fact of visualizing the goal is a great exercise to stimulate the brain and activate your right hemisphere.

So you know, take a challenge and dedicate yourself to find the best tools to get it; It will be a creative challenge.

If you can also find things that you like better, if you are lucky enough to feel passion for what you do, it will be much easier since you will be constantly motivated and your imagination will be much more active.

7.Move on

Apparently there are several studies that show that walking stimulates creativity so you know how to lift your ass off the chair and go for a walk.

But not only that, but do not stand still because there are a lot of activities that can help you generate new ideas such as listening to music because of the rhythm and melodies are a born stimulator of the brain, playing chess, doodling, memorize Lists,

Try international foods or laugh out loud.

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