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8 Toxic Personalities That Live In You

We are all human and we can have more or less problems with our personality. But some of these problems are downright toxic.

They are toxic to our happiness. They are toxic to our relationships. They are toxic to our self-esteem. And they are toxic to our dreams.

Here are  8 Personalities that you should look for in yourself and that you should avoid (if you want).

1. The negative

What you say to you: “You can NEVER fail in life or in love, If you do it, it’s your ruin.”

For this personality there are no whites or blacks, no grayscale.

That is why it is so important that you reinforce your positive thinking. Do not let ego and negativity make you believe what they want you to believe.

You cannot decide what happens in your life but you can decide what attitude to take it.

Either you win or you learn, that’s the lesson.

2. The spiteful

One of the most difficult lessons to learn is that there is a time when we should let go; be it guilt, love, anger or a loss.

The change is never easy. But we must free ourselves emotionally from the things that one day meant a lot to us and that do not let us move on. We must leave behind the past and the pain associated with that past.

3. The envious

Envy is one of the ugliest emotions. Comparisons are useless. Or rather, they serve one thing: to make us feel bad.

You are a unique being, enjoy it.

Also, if there is a competitor on your way, that is you. As Jim Taylor said: “Your biggest competitor is what you want to become.” You are competing to be your best you. If you want to measure your progress, compare yourself with who you were yesterday.

4. The superficial

Judging by appearance seems to be (still) the order of the day. And what many people forget is that that person is showing what she has chosen to show.

Behind that appearance there is a huge and unknown world for you. Judging a book by its cover will prevent you from seeing the end. And with this I mean that judging a person by the image he projects is unfair to you and to that person. And you know what? The only one who loses is you.

5. The perfectionist

As human beings we seek perfection. But what we still have trouble learning is that perfection does not exist. You create it.

Life is a continuous journey of changes and evolution. And what is perfect is what you think is perfect and not what others are supposed to believe. Because what is today is not exactly what will be tomorrow: a house, a husband, a job, a lover … probably all of that will become something “imperfect” someday. But all that imperfection evolves.

That imperfect house becomes a comfortable home, that imperfect husband becomes a shoulder to that, that imperfect work in a rewarding career and that imperfect lover in a life partner.

6. The cheat

Cheating is an option. If you decide to cheat and over win by cheating someone, do not think that person is stupid. What happens is that I have trusted you more than you deserve.

I know more than all that. Do not do immoral things simply because you can. Choose to do the right thing. Integrity is the essence of all success. Both personal and of any other type.

7. The victim

Do not let your dreams be consumed in another person’s promise. Stand up right now and take charge of your life. Do not expect others to live your life for you. Face your fears Overcome your challenges Reach your goals. Reach your destination without waiting for others to do for you what you have not done.

Saying NO to the wrong people will give you the time and resources to say YES to the right people and opportunities.

8. The procrastinator

Procrastinating means postponing or postponing everything at the last moment.

You do not have to climb the whole ladder right now. You just have to take the first step. And taking this first step is always the most difficult. When you give it away you will be closer to the life you want and the further away from the life you do not want.

Each step brings you closer and closer and in the end, what for is long invisible, now begins to be seen. And what had once been unattainable, becomes a reality.

We all have them or we have had them. The question is that we are the ones who control them, and not the other way around. It’s in your hand to do it.

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