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8 Types Of Friends We Should All Have

Many people live disappointed because they cannot find the perfect friend, but what if he does not exist, if not the sum of all of them, what makes the perfect friend?

And it is normal that each friend brings you something different, because no two people are the same, nor that they can give you exactly the same …

The 8 types of friends we should all have in our life

The one that makes you think

The one who always has the right question, or the answer that you could not find to continue investigating the matter.

The friend with whom you can be talking hours and hours about important things in your life and you know that they will always have good advice for you.

The one who will never ask you

The one who knows when to not ask questions, because he knows that you don’t need them, nor will you want to answer them.

You know each other so much that you don’t need much more than looking into your eyes to know what is happening to you.

The crazy friend

The one who always has a plan, a trip or a new adventure for you. The person with whom you will never get bored because he will always have something different to offer you.

And I don’t even tell you how much fun you’ll have partying with this oneā€¦.

Friend for everyday things

The typical friend with whom you don’t mind going home to have  cookies while you watch some absurd and boring television series.

It doesn’t matter if the plan isn’t the funniest in the world, but it’s more fun doing it with this friend.

The friend who is always

That person that no matter how the years go by and even if you do not see each other for months, when you are together, there is absolute chemistry. You feel that you know each other as much as if you lived together, as if you were almost the same person.


People that you do not consider friends of the soul, but you get along well and you can go have a beer and have fun.

But you will always know how far to take the conversation so that he does not know too much about you.

The adventurer

The one who has such a lively life and such exciting stories to tell you that you could spend hours listening to everything he has to tell you.

It is always entertaining to be with a person who will update you on the things that happen around you.

The one who listens to you

We must always have that person to whom we can tell our torments, our joys, the things without more of your day to day.

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