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8 Ways To Distinguish Genuine People From Fake Ones

In a world where evolution scientists say it is good for the fittest,most of us are trying to live a life of a lie so as to accomplish our own means.

However they are those who live a true life of humanity, not like animals and they are good to work and associate with.

Finding such genuine people while you are in a problem can help you alot. Below are some way to spot them using their habits

1.Genuine people, they respect everyone

Fake people, they only respect people with power.

2.Genuine people, they don’t try to make people like them.

Fake people, they try hard to make people like them.

3.Genuine people, they aren’t attention seeker.

Fake people, they are desperate for attention

4.Genuine people, they don’t brag.

Fake people, they show off all the time.

5.Genuine people, they express their opinion openly.

Fake people, they gossip a lot.

6.Genuine people, they always try their best to live up their promises.

Fake people, they make commitments easily but seldom keep them.

7.Genuine people, they admire others and often praise others.

Fake people, they criticize others to make themselves look great.

8.Genuine people, they are nice and helpful most of the time.

Fake people, they are only nice when they have a hidden agenda.



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