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8 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Want to make your wife feel like the special one in your life, here are 8 ways to make her feel like the most loved woman in the world and earn her endless love and respect for many years .

  1. Give her attention in the home and outside the home especially when she seeks it. Virtually all women are attention wired. What water is to ‘thirst’ is what ‘attention’ does to the psyche of an average woman.
  2. Consciously spend time talking to her daily and listen to her whenever she starts a conversation; do so with undivided attention. One of the things that really irritate a woman is her man putting up divided attention when she is talking to him.
  3. Reassure her that she is the most significant person in your life and the home. This should be done verbally and regularly. Also, ensure your actions and decisions about your extended family members and close associates buttress this unambiguously.
  4. Be tender towards her as occasion demands and don’t try to use your masculinity to molest or oppress her personality. Being tender towards your wife is not a sign of weakness but acting from sound knowledge.
  5. Express gratitude and appreciation for her good deeds and accomplishments in anything at all. Don’t be silent about it. If others demand it from you (for the good done to you); your spouse deserves it much more from you for those good and thoughtful deeds of hers.
  6. Learn to celebrate her strength privately and openly while you try to compliment her weaknesses with love as much as you can. Avoid criticising her weaknesses either privately or in the public.
  7. If you want to make your wife feel special never make her look like a dummy or figurehead spouse by bypassing her to discuss important issues with your parents, siblings, Pastor or colleagues before she is briefed.
  8. Always protect her before all and sundry even when she tends to act disappointingly once in a while. This could be a bit tough in a few instances but her image should still be your priority all the same.

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