8 Worst Companies To Work For In Kenya During COVID-19 Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic in 2020 has exposed the underbelly of many companies.

From mistreatment of workers, to no payment, companies have been left cleaning their dirt linen in public.

While others have taken the opportunity to shine and treat well their employees.

A companies trust, can not be taken for granted if it does not treat well and respect their families in the same breath.

Here are companies that have been an epitome of a good employer in times of the crisis.

The firms have been accused of denying or delaying salaries, sacking of employees and even not observing government laid down health practises with COVID-19

Daily Nation

Accused of sacking journalists and laying off other support staff


The cleaning firm which has been at KQ was accused of sacking of their employees and leading them to spend cold night


Teachers Service Commission was in news for delaying teacher’s salaries


Kenya Airways carelessly exposed workers to COVID-19 disease by letting their workers screen passangers without PPEs.

This incident happened early COVID-19 menace

Ministry of Health

The health workers fighting off with COVID-19 have senselessly been exposed to the COVID-19 disease without proper PPEs.

Many health workers have raised complains of poor working conditions

County Health Service Boards

Health workers who are also working in county health centres have been facing the same problems as those working for national government

Others have also complained of hiring based on relatives and friendship instead of competence

Kenya Police

The police have been accused of taking bribe, using excess force and violating COVID-19 rules set aside by the government

Kenya Ports Authority

Workers had also been carelessly exposed to COVID-19 disease

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