9 Characteristics Of Fast Learners


A study from University College London indicated that people with the ability to learn fast have more volume of white matter in the brain, as well as less symmetrical brain hemispheres.

In short, learning with agility depends on how we use our brains and how we face challenges.

 Are you one of these people? Find out below.

1. They are not afraid to say “I do not know”

While some people are afraid to show their ignorance on a certain topic, the individuals who learn the fastest are the ones who can admit that they do not know everything.

They keep their minds open and are willing to ask what is necessary to know more.

2. Apply the “Pareto Principle”

Fast learning comes hand in hand with productivity. According to Vilfredo Pareto, 80% of the results are obtained from 20% of the actions carried out.

People who learn quickly use this principle, focusing on what is most important when faced with a series of tests. Instead of trying to incorporate everything at once, they focus on mastering the essentials first.

3. They can visualize things

When faced with some difficulty, people who learn fast are multidimensional, so they use all their senses to imagine the solution to a problem.

4. Simplify

Fast learners understand that sometimes the biggest problems have the simplest solution. Great minds in history have sought ways to overcome challenges with simple solutions, such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs.

5. Act

To learn something it is necessary to put it into practice. When you learn a language, for example, even if the rules are understood, it is necessary to speak and write

6. They know when to stop

Those who learn quickly know when to stop. If they understand that they will not be able to find the solution to something, they step aside.

These people prioritize the activities that generate rewards for the time and effort invested, as well as understand that there are many questions that have no answer.

7. Prepare for the future

Instead of turning their attention to obsolete issues, they prefer to adapt and anticipate the trends of the future, thinking how they will apply what they learn in the years to come.

8. They are positive

People who learn fast do not have a negative attitude towards studying, even when faced with challenges and difficulties.

9. Seek the opinion of experts

These people are clear that you always learn better with the tutelage of a teacher or mentor, so they always look for who knows more about the subject they want to study.

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