Akothee Warns Ladies Who Bow Down To Make-Ups

Popular musician Akothee is well known for her shot hair, entrepreneurial skills and above all, little use of make ups as a lady.





















Despite being one of the richest musicians , she doesn’t even buy those good ladies make ups, instead he has directed that energy to discourage ladies from using them.

Here is a message she penned for such ladies with huge make ups

“Ladies who worship make up and think that’s beauty dont scare me at all, because I can scare them with the rain, as for the ones bodyshaming celebrities !show me your workshop where you manufacture human beings ! And tell me why your profile picture isn’t your own picture #seeyourlife, you can’t even stand your own self on display ! It’s either an animal or something, your profile picture is whom you are! think , ati you ain’t and can’t be my role model ,oyaa !”

“What happened to your mother and aunties ? We’re they not role models enough , as for me !am already modeling my own 5 children, and my way of life is what it is !I won’t stop living my life because am a public figure , am a public figure not a public property! I have a life besides entertainment ! As long as my childrens bills are paid !they are Okey and proud of me ! You that is ashamed , unfollow; it’s not by thuon , and take your sisters phones ,block me pilis lest they end up with 5 children with 3 father’s ,#noapologiesIalsofoundmyselfhere , let them be nuns.. .”

“Why are you concerned with a fellow woman’s looks, are you a lesbian looking for a partner? Or you want to mold them for your brothers ?”



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