Anerlisa Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing

Anerlisa Mungai was rushed to hospital after she collapsed in the early morning.

She accounts that she was later diagnosed with pancreatitis a situation which is caused by gall stones which had formed over her past years.

She is the daughter to Keroche breweries founder Tabitha Karanja. Anerlisa owns he water production company which specializes in drinking water

Good Morning 🙂 Everyday you are able to sleep and wake up well, always give thanks to God. Last Saturday I woke up very well, got ready for the day, but on getting out of the house I collapsed. I remember waking up in NH with a sharp pain below my rib cage that nobody could understand…..Minutes later I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis that is caused by gallstones which had formed over the years unoticed. In a million years I never thought I would find myself in this position especially right now that I have been so cautious with my body and health The Dr. assured me that it doesn't matter whether you are the best athlete or the like, everybody has to go for body check up every now and then because some diseases just come without our knowledge. I thank God for atleast getting my health back and that's why I was able to take pictures of moments at NH ❤❤. A big thank you to my family for always being there for me,Thanks to my health insurance for sorting part of my hospital bills. Thanks to everyone who took care of me in NH especially the dedicated nurses who were with me throughout and finally an enormous thank you to DK 💑 for flying back to Nairobi just to be with me ❤. God bless you and may you and all your loved ones stay healthy ALWAYS.

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