Babu Owino Throws A Clever Jibe On Ruto’s 2022 Debate

Germany, Spain, Brazil and Dp William Ruto, have one common factor, they are all focused on the year 2022.

While the three odd ones will be focusing on winning the world cup, Ruto will be focusing on becoming Kenya’s 5th president.

Such 2022 debate in Kenyan politics has triggered mixed reactions, with the Central region being compelled to voting Ruto in so as to return a favor he did to their son President Uhuru Kenyatta for the last period of 6 years.

Babu Owino joined the debate, stating that the central voters were not wrong to pay back the debt in 2022, but saw it wise to start with the two debts they owe Nyanza voters who stood with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta via Jaramogi Oginga and stood with Mwai Kibaki through Raila Odinga.



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