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Bad Taste – Kenyans Lynch Bidco’s New Advert Touching On Terror

Bidco Africa’s new soft drink ‘Jooz’ proved to be a bad taste for its consumers when they launched its advert touching on the concept behind recent terror attacks in Nairobi.

In the advert, Bidco used an animated ‘mango grenade’ which explodes to give the taste to represent the quality of the new drink.

Kenyans were not happy and went ahead to heckle the advert which depicts recent attacks in Nairobi where Al Shaabab rag-tag groups have been using hand grenades among other war weaponry to launch terror attacks on innocent Kenyans within the city.

The ad has since been deleted from Bidco social media accounts moments it received a backlash.

However, some social media users were quick to download it.

Bidco Ltd also followed up the story with an apology to its consumers and rest of Kenyans through social media .


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